Land Alliance began full operation in 2014. Recognizing that well-defined and well-managed land and resource rights are fundamental to the prosperity of people and places, our focus supports a broad range of poverty reduction and sustainability goals. Our thematic areas are food security, urbanization, environment and peace building.

Take at look at what we were up to in 2015 in our Annual Report.

We are working with a variety of partners & a global scope

Omidyar Network

UK Department for International Development

Global Property Rights Index (PRIndex). In 2016, Land Alliance, in association with Gallup, initiated an initial phase of surveys in nine countries to formulate to provide indications of citizen perceptions of the security of their property rights. The project is expanding to a new round of test surveys in 2017 (see Visit Omidyar Network

Government of Haiti (Inter-Ministerial Committee for Land Management (CIAT)

In 2016, NORC at the University of Chicago, and Land Alliance were contracted to complete the Economic Impact Evaluation of the Government of Haiti’s Rural Land Tenure Security Project.

In 2014, Land Alliance became a contracted thought partner to the Comite Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire to provide technical and operational advice and guidance in the implementation of the Rural Land Tenure Security Project

‘Projet Sécurisation Foncière en Milieu Rural’ (PSFMR) financed through a US$27 million grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Land Alliance provided technical, strategic and operation guidance to the CIAT Project Team in its successful and efficient execution of the PSFMR. Visit Government of Haiti (Inter-Ministerial Committee for Land Management (CIAT)

Cloudburst Group

In 2015, Land Alliance worked with CBG to update the United States Agency for International Development Land Tenure and Property Rights Country Profiles for Colombia and Peru.

Previously, Land Alliance has supported CBG on a range of small technical products to support USAID’s Evaluation Research and Communications program (ERC) including land tenure and property rights training of the USAID Mission in Haiti and the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on land tenure and property rights. Visit Cloudburst Group


Beginning in 2014, Land Alliance has supported Chemonics in proposal research. A Master Services Agreement was signed in November 2015. Visit Chemonics

Thomson Reuters

In 2015, Land Alliance and Thomson Reuters entered into a joint services agreement to provide technical and operational services in land administration and land policy. Visit Thomson Reuters


In 2015 and again in 2016, Land Alliance signed Indefinite Quantity Subcontracts (IQC) with TetraTech to provide on-going technical and strategic guidance to the Formalization Component of the Land and Rural Development Program (LRDP). The task orders under this IQC involve assisting the Colombian Formalization Component technical team to develop its Year Three Implementation Roadmap and Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (AMEP), an analysis of common law marriage as related to formalization of women’s land rights, design a model for the recognition and allocation of property rights using a comprehensive parcel sweep in post-conflict municipalities, and advising on a broad range of technical issues such as cadastral standards and operational requirements, strategies for advancing policy and institutional reforms, gender-inclusion, and other land administration and formalization needs.

In 2014, Land Alliance began providing direct technical and operational assistance to the Formalization Component of the Land and Rural Development Project (LRDP) in strategic planning, detailed work planning, analyze of experiences from the first year of implementation and the inclusion of international experiences in on-going project activities, and providing assistance in the development and revision of the LRDP activity M&E Program for all components. Visit TetraTech

The Inter-American Development Bank

In 2016, Land Alliance was contracted to assist the IDB with the operational preparation of the second phase of the Haiti Land Tenure Security Project. This project will extent the parcel demarcation and tenure clarification aspects of the first phase, consolidate the land administration services including the land information system and will begin various capacity building activities to assist Haitian land agencies in adapting their policies and operational strategies to adapt to the new land legislation that is expected to be approved in 2017.

In 2014, Land Alliance completed a technical assessment study for the Government of Colombia – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Natural Resources and Agricultural Division of the Inter-American Development Bank on gender and ethnic aspects of land tenure, a legal analysis of proposed land formalization legislation and the conceptualization of an implementation structure for a possible future national land administration project. Visit The Inter-American Development Bank


Land Alliance has continually provided strategic support to Landesa’s Land Post-2015 advocacy campaign and its related coalition building efforts in Brazil. Visit Landesa

The World Bank

In 2015, Land Alliance conducted a review of best practices in land projects with a view toward implementation of the FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Responsible Governance of the Tenure of Land, Forests, and Fisheries in the Context of National Food Security. Visit The World Bank

Habitat For Humanity International

Land Alliance began a partnership with HFHI in May 2015 to support its efforts to promote demand-driven spread of improved land tenure through entry points that align incentives and costs. Land Alliance created a desktop assessment tool to score countries with Microbuild presence and identify opportunities for this model. Peru and El Salvador were selected for in-country field assessments to validate findings and better understandings. Visit Habitat For Humanity International


In 2016, Land Alliance began supporting Credijusto in Mexico to innovate the market of formalization services, adapting its technological tools to classify the client properties within the identified typologies of informality, and designing workflows and unifying specialized services to be carried out by para-legal and para-surveying technical staff. Credijusto, with the support of Land Alliance, will open a new market of services so that this pioneering work will benefit not only Credijusto clients but allow other actors to fill the service gap. Visit Credijusto

Trimble / Forest County Potawatomie Community

Wisconsin, USA

Currently in 2016, Land Alliance is working with Trimble Navigation to complete an organizational, business process, land records and geospatial data assessment of the Natural Resources Department of the Forest County Potawatomie Tribe of northeastern Wisconsin. This work will lead to the development of a ‘land administration and territorial management road map’. The assessment is intended to lead to the development of a comprehensive digital solution for the management of the Department’s spatial data, land records and environmental data. Visit Trimble / Forest County Potawatomie Community

In addition to the current client work listed on the table above, Land Alliance is engaging in various initiatives to advance its mission. E.g. Our work on the UAVs. For information on past projects please contact us at